What is Befriending?

Befriending – it’s something you’ve probably heard of before, but do you know what it means? The idea is simply to become friends with another person. When the word is used in this context, it often refers to the act of volunteers looking to become friendly with those who may be isolated in society. By doing this, vulnerable people can receive help, advice and support they may not otherwise get.

Thrift Urban Housing offers a befriending scheme that operates within all the London boroughs. In doing so, we have been able to prevent vulnerable people get help from the state that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. We’ve also been able to prevent people from being conned out of money by confidence tricksters and rogue traders.

We are always looking for volunteers who can offer their services to this scheme. Could you do something for your local community to prevent someone more vulnerable than you from being conned in some way? Many of our volunteers gain a great deal out of the scheme themselves, as well as being able to help other people. There are many reasons to volunteer to befriend others, and many benefits to doing so as well.


Image courtesy of Adalberto Tostes

Of course, we can all do more to reach out and make connections in our local communities. However, sometimes it can help to have a little support from an organisation that focuses on offering services of this nature. This is where Thrift Urban Housing might be able to step in. Even in cases where you don’t feel you could commit time to our project, you might be inclined to give financially instead. Whatever the case may be, we’d be delighted to receive an email from you, or a phone call. The complete details are on the Befriending Scheme website.

Make no mistake though – befriending others does have the power to change lives. It can have a knock-on effect as well, as word of the process spreads among local people. Do you know anyone who might benefit from our service? They can always get in touch directly to find out more.

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