What is an Advocate?

If you have read our blog posts and explored our site, you might be aware Thrift Urban Housing supports a project called Gillian Advocates. We all know there are lots of different types of cancer, but one of the types you rarely hear about is cholangiocarcinoma. This is rare, and it is found within the liver’s bile ducts.

Our aim is to raise awareness of this cancer, but we also want to raise funds to provide volunteers – advocates, if you prefer – who can support those with this cancer who may be struggling to come to terms with it on their own. Imagine fighting any kind of cancer without the support of people around you. No one would want to go through this journey on their own.


Image courtesy of Monica Myers

We aim to make sure we can provide advocates for those in need. An advocate is someone who can provide you with support when you really need it. They can help you find information about your condition, as well as finding out about options and services. They are also able to attend appointments with you, acting as an independent voice and source of support when you may be struggling to think of what to ask. It’s important to recognise they won’t take over, but they will be trained to support you and to speak up for you. You are always in control, and you can speak with them before attending appointments to make sure they understand your point of view so they can provide the best and most appropriate support at all times.

The NHS website has an excellent guide on advocacy that might be worth reading if you have an interest in learning more. If you wish to know more about Gillian Advocates, you need only visit our dedicated website to read about it. You can find out whether you might benefit from patient advocacy in this situation. You can also get in touch with us to discover whether you might be a good fit to become an advocate for someone else. Don’t doubt our appreciation of your support in any way.

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