What Does Safe Mean to You?

For most of us, being safe means being in surroundings that pose us no harm. It means being and feeling safe at home, for example, and being able to enjoy ourselves and feel relaxed without worrying about anything.

But while our homes can and should feel safe, this is also the most common area for accidents to happen in. This means you are more likely to be injured at home than in any other location. This covers all accidents, but as you are probably aware, most accidents can usually be prevented if we take the right measures to make this happen.

Greater risks to the elderly

It’s also true that elderly people are at greater risk of accidents in the home. Now, you may think the kitchen or bathroom would pose the biggest risks for injury, but you would be wrong. In fact, the lounge or living room is the most common place in the home for people to be hurt. Could this be because we assume these rooms are safe? There are greater dangers posed by cookers, kettles and boiling water, after all, so we account for those and we are more careful. We may not give a rug or a trailing lead as much consideration.

At Thrift Urban Housing, we are aiming to make the home a safer place to be for elderly residents and vulnerable people in London. We work throughout the London boroughs, offering our services through the Stay Put initiative. As we age, the home can become a more dangerous place. We may be unsteady on our feet, and a flight of stairs we once climbed without incident would then turn into a challenge that proves harder and poses a greater danger.

By installing rails, exploring the possibilities for aids and adaptations, and focusing on finding the right solutions for each resident, we’ve been able to help elderly people stay in their homes for much longer. Many of them wish to stay at home and we’re proud to have helped many of them achieve this. Can you help us do more for the elderly in London?

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