Volunteering Helps All Ages

We read an article recently on the My Aging Parent website, and it talked about how beneficial volunteering could be for the elderly. The article focused on how elderly people could benefit from volunteering their own time to help others in the community. It provided real food for thought. Many people assume the elderly are the ones to benefit from others who volunteer. This can be true, but elderly people also have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can also be put to good use in the community.

Thrift Urban Housing uses volunteers in many ways, and we also encourage people to get in touch with us to offer their time or skills wherever possible through our schemes and initiatives. For example, the befriending scheme we run makes good use of volunteers in the London areas, throughout all the London boroughs. This scheme focuses on personal visits to those who benefit most. Of course, the volunteers who graciously give up some of their spare time each month also get many benefits from it.

Being able to help those in need is a crucial part of our work – indeed, it is what we are here for. If you have read about our other schemes, you will know we focus on helping those who are vulnerable and not simply elderly. Vulnerable people can be of any age, and we do all we can to make life easier for them.

Voluntary work is a vital part of what we do. We try and reach as many people as possible through our work, whether this is through regular visits to elderly and vulnerable people, or by supporting those who need it in other ways.

But we know that our volunteers benefit from everything they do, too, and not just the people who use our services. So, if you think you may have time to spare and you’d like to volunteer your services, we would love to hear from you. Visit the contact page on our website to find out how to get in touch today, and to learn where we are based.

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