Volunteering at Christmas


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It is exceptionally easy to get caught up in your own life during the festive season. This isn’t all bad of course – you can use the time to catch up with friends and family members you haven’t seen much of during the year.

But this is also the time of year when many people indulge in some volunteering, and there are plenty of stories to be found on this topic. They fill the news in the run up to Christmas and over the festive season itself, as people share stories about their efforts to make the season a little better for other people.

A quick look at some stories in this area has revealed many examples of people doing good deeds this Christmas. Some devote some of their own Christmas Day to providing Christmas dinners to homeless people. One couple have spent an incredible 35 years volunteering on behalf of the Samaritans every Christmas Day. Another person told of her experience in virtual volunteering. She spends time over Christmas volunteering for a charitable website that has a forum and chat room providing support for young people who need help.

There are many other stories and examples of help given freely at Christmas too – you just have to look for them. It’s good to read stories like these as they can inspire you to do your bit as well. While many people think about volunteering during the festive season, it is also worth considering whether you could prolong your efforts into the New Year. We’ve already covered the potential of doing some voluntary work in 2014, but many people start off by doing something to help over Christmas. This kicks off an interest in the area that never really goes away.

The main thing to remember is that however much or little time you give to volunteering at Christmas, every minute you devote could make a difference to someone else. Even if you can only spare an hour or two, it all helps. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel and how much difference it can make. Here at Thrift Urban Housing we’ve come across lots of people who have volunteered in various capacities. When you realise just how much you have to offer and how much others can benefit from your efforts, you may want to make this a regular part of your life for the long term.

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