Thrift Urban Housing Fraud Service assists young family

We’ve revealed many horror stories of individuals, elderly people and families who have been unfortunate enough to be duped by rogue builders. Today we have another story involving a young family who were reduced to living in just one room of their home after hiring an unscrupulous builder.

Poor quality of work


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The young family involved in this case had some work done in their home by this builder. They paid him around £2,500 for the job, but the quality was poor. To give you just one example, the new floor he had laid was sloping. When the family brought this to his attention, he claimed it only sloped because the floor he had laid it on also sloped.

He said nothing could be done about it. However, this was not the case. Best practice techniques state that any floor that is laid over an existing floor should be fitted level. This holds true regardless of the condition of the floor that is underneath.

This builder also managed to put holes in the ceiling of the neighbours living in the flat below. He not only damaged the ceiling, he managed to break the lighting as well.

The family was ignored

As you can imagine, the family got in touch with the builder on many occasions. They begged him to return and put right the issues, and to pay back some of the money they had already paid. Perhaps not surprisingly, given what we now know, the builder repeatedly ignored them.

Thrift Urban Housing then got involved with the case. We got in touch with the builder and – again, not surprisingly – he was abusive and threatening when we spoke to him. He told us in no uncertain terms not to contact him again.

Of course, we didn’t leave it at that. Firstly, we helped the young family reclaim their home. We made sure all the work that was required was completed in the proper manner so they could get their lives back.

We also discovered the builder’s address and we are now in the process of having discussions with the family to seek monies from the builder through the small claims court. Hopefully we will be able to report back in time with a successful conclusion to this case.

Supporting those in need

Thrift Urban Housing’s Fraud Service was designed to put right situations just like this one. While we cannot go back in time and prevent the situation from occurring in the first place, we can do everything possible to rectify the damage done by rogue builders like the one involved in this case.

If you have been through a similar situation and you have been duped by a rogue builder, do get in touch with us today. We can help you if you live in the London area and you’ve lost money to a builder who has not done the work required of them, or who has done it in poor fashion. We’ll work hard with you to get back your hard-earned money and to put right anything that has gone wrong in your home too. We are here when you need us most.

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