The Practical and Emotional Needs of the Elderly

Our needs change throughout our lives. The needs we have in our twenties will be very different from those we have when we retire and beyond. It’s very easy for anyone to become socially isolated, but it is more common for elderly people to become isolated and lonely.

Elderly people find it harder to adapt to a society that seems different almost daily. Adapting to change is a key requirement in life, of course, but it seems easier for some than for others. Similarly, you may have found it easy to adapt at some times, and not so much at others.

Providing help and support

The team at Thrift Urban Housing recognises the challenges elderly people are faced with, particularly when they want to stay in their own homes but face challenges when doing so. Our Stay Put scheme was developed as a direct response to this, and as such, it has enabled elderly people in London to make the necessary changes to help them adapt to living at home for longer.

This may mean introducing aids and adaptations, or helping with DIY tasks that are in desperate need of being completed to make their home safer and more secure again. Day-to-day living can be enjoyable or frustrating and hard work. We aim to help more elderly people enjoy the former situation rather than the latter.

You can learn more about our scheme by visiting the Stay Put website. You can also find out more about supporting Stay Put or Thrift Urban Housing. We gratefully accept donations, both financial in nature and those that involve a contribution of your time. We have already managed to help many elderly people throughout the London boroughs, and we welcome contact from anyone who thinks they may benefit from our services.

Very often, the practical and emotional needs of the elderly are closely entwined. We have seen this at first-hand. The simple practical requirement of some support railings or bathroom aids can help the emotional state of an elderly person immeasurably, where before they may have been struggling. It’s amazing the changes such small things can make.

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