Tackling Regeneration and Empty Shops

No matter where you live, you’ll no doubt have seen empty shops, boarded up and deserted, waiting in vain for someone to come along and rent them out. In some areas, there are greater quantities of empty shops, but most areas are blighted by this challenge.

While nearly 90% of shops throughout England are occupied, that still leave more than 10% that are vacant. This means it is not a rare sight to see several shops standing empty in one area, or even one high street.

Oftentimes, the internet is blamed for many high-street shops going out of business. There is truth in this. When something is bought cheaper online, we will take our money and our business there rather than spending more locally. We want to support local businesses, of course, but when household purses are squeezed, it makes sense to go for the cheap deals where we can. Indeed, it may not even be a choice to do otherwise.

Finding different solutions

Image courtesy of Robert Linder

If rents are too high and income too low to entice shopkeepers to open businesses in local areas, it could be that alternatives to the empty shops problem can be found. This is where our Lots of Shops initiative comes in. We all know there is a chronic shortage of housing in many areas, not just in the capital but beyond, too. Our initiative aims to identify empty shops and other commercial properties that can be renovated and transformed into appealing residential accommodation.

In doing so, we may be able to help regenerate areas within London, since this is the area we operate in. If you want to find out more about Lots of Shops, you can visit the website we have dedicated to this project. Additionally, you can contact us at Thrift Urban Housing for further information. If you know of a site that may fit with this scheme, do let us know – and if you can volunteer some help, we would like to hear from you. Together, we can take steps to change and improve the world around us, especially in our high streets.

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