Rewiring Handled Expertly as Elderly Client Uses Our Stay Put Service

Part of our aim here at Thrift Urban Housing is to help elderly people in the London boroughs retain control over their lives and to enjoy more independence. We can do this through our Stay Put service. One client we were able to assist recently benefited from two of our services: Stay Put and the Befriending Scheme.

A five-figure loss


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One client we were able to assist recently, a man in his late seventies, got in touch with Thrift Urban Housing because he had been badly treated by contractors in the past. These contractors had taken money from him and hadn’t done the job they had been paid to do.

The job that needed doing now was a complete rewire of his home. He had gone as far as to get several quotes for the work, but these ran into many thousands of pounds. He was understandably terrified at paying these prices because he had already lost some £20,000 thanks to cruel cowboy contractors. The last thing he wanted was to be taken advantage of.

Thrift Urban Housing stepped in to help

This is an example of a case study where we were able to do far more for the client than just sort out the rewiring job. True, we did get the house fully rewired and supervised the work as it took place. We also made sure the client paid a reasonable amount for the work and used a trustworthy and experienced electrician to complete the task.

However we also told him about our Befriending Scheme. We were able to help him with cleaning and shopping and he is much happier knowing we are just a phone call away.

London-based services for vulnerable people living in the London boroughs

We have always strived to help the most vulnerable Londoners when they need that help. That’s why we have developed many services including the two we have mentioned above. We also offer a Building Handyman service that takes the hard work out of finding a reliable builder to tackle any kind of building work.

We’re delighted the client mentioned above is now more settled and takes advantage of the services we offer. As a London charity we try and help as many people as we can. Highlighting the charitable services we provide to the vulnerable and elderly in London makes it easier for us to reach out to more people.

In fact, if you know anyone who might benefit from one of our services, you can get in touch with Thrift Urban Housing using the information on our website.

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