Proposed: A New Thrift Urban Housing Fraud Service

If you are familiar with our website you’ll no doubt be familiar with our programmes, all specifically designed to fill a need within the London community. We’ve published case studies relating to our Stay Put service and other services too such as the Lots of Shops scheme.

Now we have another service in mind – a Thrift Urban Housing fraud service. Several hundred million pounds are scammed or tricked out of people every year. This occurs either through dodgy builders or other contractors taking advantage of vulnerable people. These con artists know clients can’t do much to retaliate once they have paid their money. We have met many clients in the London boroughs who have been conned in this way, and we always help resolve matters wherever we can.

What can you do to get your money back from a cowboy builder?

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Most people don’t know what they should do. Some may contact the BBC Television consumer affairs programmes or other similar shows. However the vast majority – over 90% – simply don’t know where to turn or how to go about reclaiming their cash.

Thrift Urban Housing wants to change that. Our new fraud service will be linked to all our other services. This will enable us to help the vulnerable in London to fight back. Our charity work in London has already seen us help many elderly and vulnerable people and we think this service will grow to be just as vital as our other ones are.

What is the aim of the Thrift Urban Housing fraud service?

Our main aim as a charity is simple – we want to make people aware of what this service does and what it can do for them. We want to try and put right a situation that has gone badly wrong for them in the past.

More importantly our charity wishes to pursue the individuals responsible if they are based in this country, to get back what the client has lost financially. Our investigators will research the situation and the background and find the people responsible for scamming the elderly and vulnerable in London.

Our fraud service will put together the details required to make a civil claim through the courts. We will then take this claim and pursue it on the client’s behalf. Most of the people who scam and defraud others have assets and other forms of savings. We can find these assets and hopefully we will receive a judgment on behalf of the client through the courts to get their money back.

Another community-based service in the London boroughs

It is early days for this service but we hope we can provide peace of mind and the ability to recoup the losses of the clients we reach out to with this service. If you live in London and you know someone who has been the victim of a scam or fraud (or it has happened to you), get in touch now and find out more. Our charity work in London has already made a big difference with many people and we think this service could help even more.

It’s wonderful to be able to help the elderly, vulnerable and disabled in so many essential, life-affirming ways. We very much hope our fraud service can put right more wrongs as well, giving those involved confidence that sometimes justice can be done.

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