We have made a real and positive difference to the lives of our clients. We have prevented the unscrupulous taking financial advantage of the vulnerable elderly, including one instance that led to an arrest. We are helping up to 48 people with various degrees of difficulty, including several disabled people who need enhanced support.

We are arranging for the installation of smaller aids such as baths and handrails for 16 and various other repairs and building adaptations are in progress. Some 29 clients have benefitted from draught proofing and improved heating, and also decorating and security work.

Our ‘Befriending’ service, aimed at preventing fraud against the elderly and vulnerable, is supported some eight otherwise isolated clients who are having difficulty coping with loneliness and the associated stress, and we have been able to organize welfare benefit payments for 11 elderly people who hitherto had been receiving nothing. We also acted as advocate at a social security tribunal for a disabled client, which resulted in their benefits being restored.

The way we always visit clients in their homes is in part what makes our service unique. Contacting us as a first response helps to avoid what happens to people especially if you are vulnerable as shown on Granada Television ‘World in Action’ Carlton Television’s ‘House of Horrors’ and the BBC2 documentary ‘Roof’. We are committed by a single purpose in helping people remain in their own homes providing to them what they require in order to Stay Put.

Our Acheivements