Making Gardening Easier for the Elderly

Plenty of people love gardening. Maybe you’re one of them. But there comes a time when some people will find it harder to garden as they once did. As we age, we may not be able to do everything we previously did. Gardening for the elderly can present challenges that simply weren’t there before.

The good news is there are changes you can make to help an elderly relative garden more easily if they still want to. The idea is to find out what they find difficult, so you can find the best solutions. Raised beds are great for people who cannot bend easily or kneel. If they still want to use flower beds, you can purchase many long-handled garden tools that remove the need to bend.

Image courtesy of Joerg Rudloff

No two gardens are the same, and of course neither are people. So, finding the best solution will mean taking different steps in each situation. For example, some might love raised beds, but others with smaller gardens may need another solution. Wheelchair-bound users might need ramps installed to make it easier to move around the garden again. Window boxes and pots might be easier for some rather than coping with normal flower beds. What would work best for the people you know?

Thrift Urban Housing has managed to assist many people throughout various London boroughs as part of our Stay Put project. While we can tackle many tasks that are needed inside people’s homes, we can also make changes to the exterior. Adding ramps in the garden or grab rails to make it easier to move from indoors to outdoors are just two examples.

We’d encourage anyone who thinks they might benefit from this service to get in touch. If you know someone who could benefit from Stay Put, you can let them have our details too.

Enjoying the garden is beneficial both mentally and physically. Even those with dementia and other conditions often find gardening pleasant and enjoyable. With our help, you can make sure vulnerable people you know can still make the most of their own gardens.

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