Loneliness Can Strike at Any Age


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Some people think our Befriending Scheme is purely for the elderly, but this isn’t the case. Anyone who feels alone or concerned about being alone can benefit from it. As such it is a service that fits between two distinct areas – the home we live in and the physical way we react to that home. Our Befriending service is all about helping with the combined stressors of life, and in doing so helping to improve mental health.

For example we had a client who was depressed. She couldn’t put her finger on why she felt the way she did. However something was bothering her; she felt down inside and the elements of joy in her life seemed to have disappeared. We met with her and chatted at length. Instead of looking into the condition of her property and any potential repairs or maintenance, we focused purely on her mind and thoughts – and it was here we discovered the issue.

Sadly her cat had died some twelve months earlier. As we talked it became apparent that this was the issue that was affecting her today. Although she didn’t realise it at first the magnitude of this loss had affected her greatly.

Now we are not experts on mental health, but through the experience we have gained with Thrift Urban Housing we have learned a thing or two about getting to the bottom of things that might affect people. In this case the client had been deeply affected by the loss of her cat, and continued to be affected to the present time.

We all suffer to some degree from mental health issues. Very often we don’t realise these issues are even there; either that or we ignore them altogether. For example, how many of us are obsessive over cleanliness? How many of us have to count or do things a set number of times? How many of us are guilty of worrying over things that may never happen, taking the enjoyment out of the life we are living now?

There are lots of examples of this type of mental health if you know where to look for them. We may not always think they have a great effect on us, but as this client discovered, they can affect our lives more than we ever thought possible. It is our hope that our Befriending Service will reach and help more people in this way, and do so long into the future as well.

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