It is in the very nature of the area we work in that we have to respond quickly. By and large, people who are referred to us are in need of help there and then. Our people, using their detailed and expert knowledge, will assess each referral to determine whether we can help, whether we need to refer on or whether we can advise and refer on.

Each case is different and we will always listen to everyone who comes to us as an individual in their own right. The only caveat we make is that we can only help those who want to help themselves.

Referrals come from housing groups, housing associations and other Agencies, by word of mouth and, indeed, by self-referral.

We also work with some social service departments, other charities, and both local and national businesses who support our efforts and initiatives.

Whilst we work with other groups, we never give anyone personal details about our clients: confidentiality is very important to us.

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