How Valuable is Friendship?

Friends are valuable to us in lots of ways. For example, they provide support when life is going badly, and we can provide support for them in return when they are going through a rough time. According to research, people with more friends tend to have better health – and a better prognosis if they should fall ill. If you’re interested in learning more, the Huffington Post has a fascinating article covering 10 true facts about friendship.

Most of us are at least unconsciously aware of the value of friendship in our lives. We could also say this value is most acute when we don’t have anyone to talk to in that sense. Elderly people are one of the most at-risk groups in society when it comes to friendships. They are more likely to have lost dear friends around them, and may need to downsize and move to a new area at some point, too. Both these events can diminish a person’s circle of friends.

Thrift Urban Housing runs a befriending scheme that helps redress the balance wherever possible. We help elderly people, disabled, and vulnerable people in all boroughs of London. We’ve seen first-hand how a visit from a friendly volunteer can make a world of difference to someone who is on their own, and perhaps isolated from their neighbours.

We’ve also seen how devoting some time to this project – even an hour a week – can change a volunteer’s life for the better. Both sides get to experience friendship, after all, and over time, as they get to know one another, that friendship can become richer than ever.

Friendship is good for us in many ways. It enriches the soul. It allows us to help others when they are in need – and to receive help ourselves, too. Just imagine how life would be without friends. It would lose its lustre, wouldn’t it? So, you can imagine how valuable our befriending service is to those who need it most. We’re proud to say it has affected many people’s lives for the better in recent years, and we hope it continues to do so as well.

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