How to Stay Safe from Malicious Emails

Spam emails, malicious emails, phishing emails… call them what you like, they all amount to the same thing. They attempt to make people part with their personal details, possibly their bank details, and they can ruin lives.

But there are ways to try and keep out as many spam emails as you can. We’ve listed a few points to note here. You can also find more information on all kinds of fraud (including an A to Z of fraud types) on the Action Fraud website.

Turn on your spam filter

Email programs have spam filters designed to filter most if not all spam from your inbox. This reduces the chances of accidentally being taken in by a spam email, or clicking on any of the links in it.

Most programs have settings that permit you to be strict with spam, or allow for a looser approach to it. If you go for the strict setting, make sure you check your spam folder regularly to ensure nothing innocent goes into it.

Be alert for poor-quality emails

Even if an email looks genuine at first glance, a closer look often reveals it is of poor quality. Spelling mistakes are a classic sign, as is poor use of grammar.

Never click on any links

Even if you think an email is completely legitimate, you should never click on any links in it. You might get caught out. You can usually hover your cursor over the top of the link without clicking it, and this will reveal where the link goes. People disguise a bad link by including a ‘link’ that seems legitimate, and then making it clickable and linking it to something completely different.

Always take time to check emails – you never know if they could be dodgy

Some spam emails are easy to spot. Others are very good and can fool people who wouldn’t normally be taken in. So, if you ever receive an email you’re not sure about, follow the steps above.

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