How to Avoid Trip Hazards in the Home

We’re all aware of slips, trips and falls, and how they can result in some unpleasant injuries. But while it is entirely possible you could fall over while out shopping, or while simply walking along the street, it’s just as easy to trip over something in your own home.

If this happens, you could end up with an injury just as easily as you would if you tripped elsewhere. So, we’ve listed a few of the most common tripping hazards that crop up in the average home. Remember, elderly people are more prone to injury if they fall, and they are often more unsteady on their feet as well. Prevention is a lot better than cure in this instance, which means making the home as safe as possible is very sensible indeed.

Trailing wires

Ensure all wires and leads are tucked away to the sides of the room, ideally attached to skirting boards so they don’t come loose. Look at cable tidies as a safe way of keeping them secured out of the way.

Magazines and books

How many times have you left a magazine on the floor, perhaps by the side of your chair? It’s easy to do – and very easy to slip over on as well.

Old carpets and rugs

Even the best carpet will wear eventually, and when this happens, it can cause you to trip if you get your foot caught in a worn area. Uneven surfaces can also lead you to lose your balance and fall.

Awkward footwear

Image courtesy of Kerem Yucel

Do your shoes make you feel unsteady on your feet? Are your slippers loose, making it difficult to keep them on your feet as you walk along? These can both be trip hazards on their own.

The Health and Safety Executive has a good model for slip hazards that shows the types of hazards that might crop up. It’s aimed at businesses but is applicable to all locations.

Stay Put, an initiative from Thrift Urban Housing, helps make homes safer and more amenable for elderly people and others throughout the London area who may benefit from our help. Find out more by contacting us today.


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