How Popular is Volunteering in the UK?

Volunteering in the UK has been going on in various capacities for many years now. A significant proportion of people in the UK regularly volunteer. The Community Life Survey, completed on behalf of the Cabinet Office, revealed 47% of people volunteered at least once a month during 2015-16. The survey also looked at both formal and informal volunteering. Formal participation reached 41% in that year, while informal volunteering had a higher total, with 60% of people participating in informal voluntary work in 2015-16.

Other statistics reveal women are more likely to volunteer on an informal basis than men. However, overall, the rate of voluntary work done by both men and women is the same. Voluntary work has also become more popular among young people. 4% more people in this young age group have participated in recent times.

How can you help?

Image courtesy of David Guglielmo

You may be reading this wondering how you can get involved. Not everyone does voluntary work, but there are many benefits to taking part in your local community like this. You could offer your skills or talents to help a voluntary project, for example, or you may simply wish to connect with local people to help where you can.

Here at Thrift Urban Housing, we recognise the power of voluntary work and how it can benefit lots of people. We regularly have volunteers offering to help with our befriending service, for example. The London boroughs may be heavily populated, but the elderly, disabled and vulnerable can feel very isolated nonetheless. Someone feeling alone and disconnected from society can miss many of the important and useful sources of information and advice that exist all around them.

Our volunteers aim to help these people wherever possible. Our befriending service website reveals more, and encourages those who might benefit from the service to get in touch. We are proud to know many people who have given up some of their spare time each month to help those in need in their local communities.

Do you think you could help us? Please get in touch now if you can.

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