How Important is Exterior Painting?

Most people appreciate a property that’s been carefully decorated on the outside. It looks smart and fresh paint really shines too, bringing out the character of the property, no matter its age.

But while exterior painting can help a property look good, it has far more important qualities than that. Exterior paint is designed to be fully weatherproof. That means your property will be protected from the potential harm a bad storm can cause, not to mention avoiding overall weather damage. This can occur far more gradually but it can still be completely avoided with regular maintenance.

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Indeed, all homeowners should check the condition of their exterior paintwork (on all surfaces, not just the woodwork) each year. Ideally, this should be done before the colder weather sets in during the autumn. Then, if anything needs doing, it can be completed before the colder and darker days arrive.

Thrift Urban Housing runs a building handyman service that provides a range of home and business building and maintenance services when required. We aim to help the vulnerable throughout all the London boroughs, not to mention those who are uncertain about who to hire. We recognise many people have been caught out, and when that happens, you can feel unsure about finding someone you can trust to get the work done.

An experienced painter and decorator will usually handle both interior and exterior painting jobs. They will also sand down the existing paint, which could be peeling from age on the outside of a property. Identifying any rot and using weatherproof wood filler if need be can also help improve the look of the property.

If you know yours needs some work but you are unsure where to turn, contact Thrift Urban Housing to ask for more information on our building handyman service, or visit the website today. We provide the service in every London borough, and it is available to both private homeowners and to commercial clients. Rest assured we only have your best interests at heart, and we’ll make getting those essential DIY jobs completed far easier for your own peace of mind.

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