Home Security: More Than Just a Lock and Chain

How much importance do you place on your home security? Most of us would agree it is vital to keep our security measures up-to-date, so we can protect our homes whether we are in them or not.

But when faced with the reality of home security, many people live in homes that are not quite as secure as they thought they were. Are you failing on any of the following aspects of good security?

Installing up-to-date locks

It’s one thing to have locks in place on all your doors and windows, but how confident are you that the locks you have are good enough to secure your property? Get them checked today to see if you can upgrade them to make them more secure.

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Do you ever go out and leave a window open?

This can be all it takes to allow someone access to your property. it’s easy to think you’ll only be out for 10 minutes, but that’s all it would take for someone to gain access, steal whatever they could and leave. Remember, proper security should always be in place, no matter where you live and how short a time you will be out for.

Get involved with your local neighbourhood watch scheme

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t that what they always say? These schemes are run throughout the country in various areas, and you can find out more by speaking to neighbours and seeing how you can help.

How Thrift Urban Housing is helping

We have several schemes designed to help spread the word about home security, safety, and other issues as well. For example, our befriending scheme helps us provide volunteers who can help the more vulnerable in society throughout London.

Similarly, the Stay Put initiative enables us to help elderly people stay at home for longer. We can provide aids and adaptations to make their homes safer, and these may include security adaptations to provide peace-of-mind in addition to safety adaptations.

Can you do anything to help our schemes, or indeed to help someone in your local area whose security may not be as good as it should b

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