Home Repairs: Keeping on Top of Things

Home repairs – the phrase is enough to strike fear into the hearts of all homeowners. Perhaps that is a bit dramatic, but some of us take naturally to repairs and keeping up appearances, while others struggle to know what needs doing and when we should do it.

There are plenty of home maintenance and repair tasks we can take on ourselves. However, not everyone is able to handle DIY tasks, especially if they are elderly or disabled. That’s why the building handyman service is provided by Thrift Urban Housing, to make sure the people who need extra support can get access to it. Finding a reputable tradesperson is another challenge, and again, our service ensures that won’t be a problem.

Just one missing tile could make a crucial difference

Regular home repairs are always preferable to waiting until a small issue turns into a much larger one. For example, if a single tile goes missing from a roof, perhaps during a storm, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. If this small task is neglected, the next lot of rain to pass through will leak through the roof and start causing damage to the underlying structure. The longer this goes on for, the more severe the damage will become, and the more work will be required to remedy the conditions.

Many people don’t feel confident when dealing with home repairs. Some people take to it naturally, but even then, they cannot tackle all the repairs that may be required. Thrift Urban Housing can provide the handyman service for everyone in any London borough. We have a team of workers who can handle everything from the smallest task to the biggest structural job required. We also provide our services to business owners as well as homeowners, so whatever you have in mind, we may be able to help.

You can find out more about our service on the dedicated Building Handyman website. If you think you can support us in some way, we would love to hear from you, but feel free to get in touch if you want to find out about any of our work.

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