Ever Heard of Ergonomic Cutlery?

Yes, this is a thing – and a very useful one, at that. Many elderly and disabled people experience problems with their hands. As we get older, we are more likely to be affected by arthritis and other conditions that can make our grip weaker than it used to be.

While there are many products around today designed to help make life easier in the home, ergonomic cutlery is particularly interesting. There are many types around, and this makes it important to choose the right cutlery for your needs, if you’re struggling with the cutlery you have at present.

Rubber-grip handles

Some cutlery comes with rubber-coated handles, to allow for easy gripping and less chance of dropping anything. Some products are available with replacement rubber grips, so you can simply swap an old handle for a new one. The handles tend to be chunkier, too, which again makes it easier to hold them.

Curved or contoured handles

Another option is to go for cutlery with curved handles. If it is difficult to move the wrist or hand to manoeuvre a regular knife, fork or spoon, using ones that are designed with contours in them can make life easier. There are several manufacturers creating these, so it might be worth looking at several to see which ones feel right for you.

Combination cutlery

Image courtesy of Drew Broadley

This is exactly what it sounds like – an item that is designed to be used as a combination of more than one piece of cutlery. For example, you can buy a ‘knork’, which, as you would suspect, is a cross between a knife and fork. This is ideal if you experience pain and weakness in one hand, but your other one is easier to use.

Finding the right solution for you

If you, or someone you know, has trouble using regular cutlery, it is good to know there are many practical solutions out there that should make life easier for you. Thrift Urban Housing is always exploring new ways to help the elderly and disabled in the London boroughs, through projects including Stay Put, which you can learn more about today.

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