Elderly Client Benefits from Our Staying Put Service after Poor Plumbing Installation

Thrift Urban Housing provides a wide range of community-based services to those in need who live in the Greater London area. One of our services is called Staying Put. It provides a much-needed service that assists elderly people and steps in when they have experienced problems with other tradesmen and contractors.


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New shower installation

A recent case involved an 81-year-old woman who had hired a plumber to install a shower system for her. The shower required a constant supply of water driven by a pump system. Unfortunately the plumber she chose to complete the work did it very badly. Within a few weeks the pump stopped operating and then burned out.

This was more than just an inconvenience to the elderly lady. She had a disability that meant she was unable to have a bath, and relied on showers all the time. Needless to say she was most upset and wanted to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the plumber tried to lay the blame on the pump. He also requested another £500 to go through the installation again.

Thrift Urban Housing’s Stay Put programme steps in

Fortunately we got involved in the case at this stage. Our experienced tradesmen inspected the installation and found it had not been done correctly. The pump was actually fine and the problems had only arisen because of the poor installation. In short, the plumber had tried to charge another £500 because of a problem he had caused to begin with. It was no wonder the client was left extremely stressed due to the whole experience.

We did the repair work for free and made sure the shower was in full working order – just as it should have been to begin with. We even managed to get some money back from the original contractor once he knew of our involvement under our Staying Put service.

Helping less privileged people in need in Greater London

Thrift Urban Housing is registered and based in London. We provide befriending services in London as well as essential advice and support for the elderly and disabled in the Greater London area. Our aim is to help those who are most in need of it.

Our London charity for the elderly and disabled and vulnerable aims to carry on reaching out and helping people just like this client. A faulty shower may be a mere inconvenience to most of us, but for an elderly disabled person who relies on it every day, it can make a significant difference to their life.

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