Different Types of Volunteering

No doubt you are familiar with the concept of volunteering – the act of giving up some of your spare time to help other people. You may have read about the volunteers who help us achieve some of our community goals, for example. But have you considered there are different types of voluntary work you can do? If not, and you are only just starting to think about giving up some spare time to volunteer, this article could be useful to read.

The NHS website gives some useful advice about types of volunteering, but these are largely restricted to volunteering in a health setting. It is important to remember there are many things you can do. For example, you could volunteer in a way that makes use of your skills. You might be a builder, an accountant, or a computer whiz, for example. Any of these skills, plus lots more, could be used to help others. Our Stay Put scheme uses the skills of a volunteer engineering surveyor, so you never know how useful your skills and talents could be, no matter what they are.

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You might also volunteer your time simply to chat with other people – individuals who may be lonely without seeing someone each week. Our befriending service makes good use of volunteers throughout the London boroughs. All you need to offer your own time in this area is the requirement to be friendly and to chat with others, and to be a good listener. It isn’t just your job and professional skills that could be beneficial to others.

Another term you may not have come across is micro-volunteering. This is the term given to tasks that can be completed very quickly, perhaps within half an hour, for instance. These tend to be tasks that can be done remotely from home, but if you visited someone in your local community for half an hour once or twice a week, this could be viewed as micro-volunteering, too.

In the end, the most important thing is giving your time. If you can do that, you will benefit others as well as benefiting yourself.

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