Case Study: How Our Befriending Service Does Far More Than You Might Think

Some people assume our befriending service only focuses on the elderly, helping out with things like shopping and chatting. But in reality, it achieves far more than that.

This is best illustrated by relating a true story involving one of our clients. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him John Doe. He’s 31 years of age and suffers from poliomyelitis, which he contracted as a child. He lives in a two-bedroom flat with his mum. She is also suffering from ill health.


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John cannot do all the things we take for granted. He does not have full use of his arms and legs, and he has very limited use of his left side. To this end, John has been trying to get help for more than a year from his local authority. This has been quite a struggle for him. The council has been slow to get him the help he needs.

Over this period of time, procedure and a lack of resources have been highlighted as the potential reasons for the delays. It has also been suggested that the council might be able to give him a sum of money so he can go ahead and organise his own care. We’ve spoken to John and we realise it is very difficult for him to get through a variety of everyday tasks. Having to organise things like this would be even more challenging for him. Besides, housing and occupational therapy are services provided by the local authority. Therefore, John does have a right to access them if he needs them – which he clearly does.

Even if John did decide to apply for the money and handle things himself, there is no guarantee the money would be paid. He may not get anything.

What has the befriending service been able to do for John?

We first came into contact with John when he referred himself to our handyman service. When we spoke to him and found out more about his situation, we realised he could significantly benefit from our befriending service as well. We’ve been able to intervene with the local authority and now it would seem the occupational therapist and housing officer are more motivated. We have given them a limited amount of time to get John the help he so desperately needs. Our befriending service will also continue to support John, no matter how long it takes.

Could we help you, or someone you know?

Sometimes it can seem as though you are swimming upstream, fighting to get the help you need and you are entitled to. But if you live in the London area, or you know someone in the London area who could benefit from our help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Knowing we are just a phone call away and can provide you with support could be all you need to inspire you to make that call.

We like to provide you with some case studies such as this one as often as we can. Explaining how we do our work and provide services and support to society can be difficult. That’s why sharing these stories is such a good idea. It gives you more insight into how we work and how we can help you. We’re proud to be able to support John as he gets access to the help he needs, and we’re in a position to do the same for others as well.

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