Can You Avoid Slipping on Ice?

Ice is a part of the winter months we must all accept. However, every year, some individuals end up slipping over on ice and hurting themselves. Sometimes you may only bruise your ego and shake yourself up a bit. However, it’s also possible to break a wrist through trying to break your fall, as some people know only too well.

The elderly and infirm are particularly at risk of falling and hurting themselves. As we age, there is a greater risk of brittle bones, making it easier to break something than it would have been when we were younger. Anyone whose health is less than perfect could end up more prone to injury while falling, and may also be less likely to avoid falling in the first place. Sometimes, if you have quick reactions, you can catch yourself and prevent a fall. This is less likely as we age.


Image courtesy of Martin Simonis

Thrift Urban Housing has installed grab rails in many people’s homes as part of our building handyman service. Our Stay Put service also works hard to ensure elderly people are as safe in their own homes as possible. Grab rails are just one example of how an improvement can make a big difference.

Of course, there are other things we can all do to stay safer when there is ice and snow outside. While snow isn’t common in many parts of the UK, most of us will see ice on several days each year. It only takes a split-second to lose our balance and fall and we could be nursing an injury that takes several weeks to heal.

The type of shoes you wear can help enormously when walking on ice or in the snow, as this article from the Daily Mail reveals. Walking boots are ideal as they lace up above your ankles. If you slip over, you are far less likely to sprain or even break your ankle as they provide excellent support. You can also enjoy better grip with the treads on the soles.

So, stay safe this winter and make sure you are doing all the right things.

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