Can We Achieve Goals All Through Our Lives?

ben-rinnes-climbWe’re all familiar with the idea of goal setting. Some people use it more than others to help them achieve things they have a passion to do. For example, some set goals to save specific amounts of money, or to change jobs, or to improve their health in some way. These are all worthy goals, but we all have different and highly personal ones.

I was fortunate recently to go on holiday with my ‘better half’ to the Scottish Highlands. While we were there we climbed our first mountain – Ben Rinnes. It is sometimes talked about as a hill but as we found out, it is definitely a mountain and a pretty high one at that! It boasts an elevation of 2,759 feet and when we got to the top we were able to see eight counties and the Moray coast. It was quite breathtaking, especially since we walked through a blizzard to reach the top and didn’t expect to see anything. The clouds miraculously parted five minutes before we reached the top. That’s me celebrating in the picture!

I had wanted to climb this mountain ever since our first visit to the Highlands six months previously. But we nearly didn’t do it. Just ten minutes from the top, when faced with the final climb, I was ready to give up. I was ready to abandon my goal. But faced with my destination so close at hand, I had to go on. My legs were aching, I was tired and it seemed the mountain had no top. Every time we thought we could see the summit it tricked us – another peak lay just beyond, invisible from our current position.

This is what led me to think about goals and the need to persevere to reach them. It would have been very easy for me to think I couldn’t do it and climb the last section (which apparently is known for being harder than it looks). Isn’t this the same with every goal? If you have the desire to achieve something it must mean a lot to you. It could be better health, more exercise, the wish to change your life in some way. Whatever it may be, set a goal to achieve it but be ready for obstacles along the way.

I can confirm the feeling of achieving that goal is well worth the additional effort!

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