Can Men Get Breast Cancer Too?

Think of breast cancer and you’ll probably think of women getting the disease. Think of testicular cancer and you’ll think of men. Think of lung cancer and you probably think both men and women can get it, which is true. But when it comes to breast cancer, there is a chance – albeit a slim one – that men can be affected to.

This comes as a shock to many people, especially to men who are diagnosed with the disease. Today saw the publication of an article in The Mirror describing the experience of a 54-year-old man who was diagnosed with the condition. He has taken steps to raise awareness of the disease among men, many of whom don’t consider any changes in this part of their bodies to be related to breast cancer. In most cases, any changes are innocent and nothing to worry about. But as this man learned, it is always best to get them checked out. He had to have a nipple removed and underwent many rounds of treatment, but is now recovering.

Image courtesy of Russell Weller

This story show how important it is to focus on raising awareness of all cancers, especially those that aren’t as well-known. We all know about breast cancer and how women should be alert to symptoms, but it’s uncommon to read about awareness of the disease among men. According to Cancer Research UK, some 50,000 women are diagnosed with the disease each year. In stark contrast, only around 350 men receive the same diagnosis. It is rare, then, but it is still very important to raise awareness of the condition.

Thrift Urban Housing knows only too well how important it is to raise awareness of rarer cancers. We support the Gillian Advocates scheme, which aims to support those who have been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a form of liver cancer that is not well-known or very common. Raising awareness can help save lives, not to mention giving people the chance to support causes they may not previously have been aware of. For more details about Gillian Advocates, visit the dedicated website now.

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