Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

Knowing how to cope with home emergencies is a good idea. You never know when something might go wrong, and if you know in advance what to do, there’s a chance you could limit the damage and get it resolved more quickly as well.

At this time of year, when even daytime temperatures are struggling to get above freezing, the biggest concern is frozen pipes. A frozen pipe has the potential to burst, and if that happens it will lead to water damage, both to your home and your possessions.

The good news is you can take several steps to minimise the damage and even prevent a burst pipe altogether. Even if your pipes freeze, you can defrost them gradually and reduce the chances they will burst. This page from the Housing Executive has some handy steps and links included on it, as well as a link to a video showing you how to act when you have a frozen pipe.

Image courtesy of Malte Hansen

If you know what to do if you have a frozen or burst pipe, make sure your neighbours know too. Elderly people may not be able to cope with a burst pipe, even if they know what they should do. If you can, help by asking them to call you if they suspect they might be affected by this problem. Letting someone know you are there if they need you is a great thing to do, and a supportive way of connecting with people in your immediate community.

Thrift Urban Housing provides vulnerable and elderly people across London with the help they need via several different services. Our building handyman service is ideal for those small repairs around the home, as well as more involved jobs that may need doing. We also have volunteers working as part of our befriending service. This ensures elderly and vulnerable people have someone to talk to regularly, and if you can help, you can be alert to problems like the ones mentioned above and get help if need be.

Avoiding frozen pipes is better than dealing with them when they occur. Make sure you do everything you can do achieve this.

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