Are Your Elderly Neighbours Prepared for an Unexpected Flood?

Flooding can be devastating to communities and to individuals. Some areas are more prone to flooding than others, so if you live in an area where flooding is likely from time to time, it’s important to be prepared, just in case.

However, while we should do everything we can to prepare ourselves, we shouldn’t forget our elderly neighbours. Some people are at greater risk of illness and injury if their homes are flooded, and we should include the elderly in that category. Many elderly people like to live in their own homes if they can continue doing so. We know this to be true at Thrift Urban Housing, since our Stay Put programme is designed to support this. We help make sure elderly residents in the London boroughs can stay in their own homes if possible.

What can you do to help your neighbours?

If you live in an area you know is at risk of flooding, think about helping your elderly neighbours prepare for such an eventuality as well. Hopefully, you will never need to call on your flood plan and a flood kit you put together for this purpose. AgeUK has some excellent advice to help you put together a flood kit. Could you help your neighbours do this as well?

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Watching out for elderly neighbours is something we should all do. It helps foster a good community and good links among neighbours. It also means we can watch out for elderly neighbours who may be struggling, but are too proud or nervous to ask for help.

You may not realise all the things you can do to be prepared in the event a flood does occur in your area. Chances are, your neighbours won’t know what they can do in advance either. So, take this as an opportunity to make sure you will be prepared if the worst does happen. And if it does, whether it is during the winter or in a freak summer storm, make sure you check your elderly neighbours are okay and help them wherever you can.

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