Are You Scared of Change?

You’re not alone if you are. Many of us hate the thought of change, yet in many cases, changes can lead to better things.

Of course, there is a difference between deciding to make a change for yourself and being subjected to changes you didn’t ask for. In the latter example, change can be frightening and lead to stress and upset you could do without.

Elderly people are particularly affected by change. As we get older, we tend to get set in our ways and the world around us can move far too fast for our liking. While we may still retain some control over our daily lives and how we live them, it isn’t easy to react to change that affects us directly.

As you may know, Thrift Urban Housing runs a scheme called Stay Put. This is designed to help many elderly people in all kinds of ways. Anyone living in any London borough is entitled to use this service, or to enquire about it on behalf of someone else living in the area. Perhaps you know someone who might benefit? Maybe you yourself are wondering whether you could reap the benefits of the service, if you are currently struggling with issues in your daily life.

The main aim of Stay Put is to give elderly people the tools and the help they need to do just that – to stay put in their own homes. Sometimes, well-meaning relatives might suggest they would be better in a home. Maybe they even begin to explore the idea ‘on their behalf’, just to be ‘helpful’. But that means taking control away from the elderly person, and that can be harmful. It can also be frightening, and something that is not easy to cope with.

We aim to try and provide support and advice to help the elderly remain at home while they can and want to. This might mean installing helpful aids or simply providing information on how to manage financially. We have the tools required to provide whatever is needed. If you need us, all you need to do is call.

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