Action Fraud Learns of Thousands of Phishing Scams Every Month

A phishing scam is a scam whereby someone tries to get people to part with vital information via email, or by another ‘virtual’ means, such as a message on a website. Phishing comes in many guises, then, and most scams are perpetrated via email.

Action Fraud revealed last year that it receives 8,000 reports of these scams each month. In total, 95,556 reports were made to them from November 2014 through until October 2015. Additionally, more than two-thirds of those who did make reports of this nature said they had been targeted by email.

Many people know how to recognise such an email, but scammers are getting more sophisticated all the time. If you are in any doubt over the validity of an email, don’t click on any of the links in it. Ideally, don’t even open it.

Image courtesy of Steven Goodwin

These emails tend to have at least one link that does not go to the location stated. Many phishing emails try to emulate emails sent by reputable companies and businesses, which is how some people get hooked.

At Thrift Urban Housing, we do all we can to make sure people in the London boroughs are aware of the wide range of scams that are doing the rounds at any one time. With emails, thieves and scammers can get into your home and try to persuade you to follow their directions without you even opening the front door. This is alarming, and we are working hard via our befriending service to make sure as many people as possible are aware of these risks.

We spend time with many elderly, disabled, and vulnerable people through the London boroughs via our services. This enables us to provide advice on the latest things to look for, how to get advice they can trust, and how to make sure they don’t become the scammers’ latest victim.

If you think you can help, if you think you may have some time to spare each week to help support us through voluntary means, please get in touch with us now.

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