A Self Referral Leads to Shoddy Work Being Repaired


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Quite often Thrift Urban Housing steps in and resolves situations when dishonest builders and other trades people take money for a job they have not done to a good standard.

This was the case when a 92 year old client hired a roofer/builder to complete some work at her property in the East End of London last year. The work cost £500 but the roofer returned within a week and asked for more cash. Unfortunately the client paid the extra cash without realising the man was dishonest.

Fortunately she then read about Thrift Urban Housing and the work we do as part of our Stay Put service. She referred herself and we paid her a visit. We took a complete history of the events and decided to inspect the ‘work’ he had claimed to have done to see what had occurred. She was very concerned that perhaps he may have damaged her property rather than repairing it as she had wanted.

She was right to be concerned. Upon closer inspection we discovered the lead had been folded back and in some areas split and removed completely. This left the roof open to the elements. In addition, the brick coping stones had been disturbed and one section was entirely missing. We were satisfied this had been done deliberately.

Perhaps not surprisingly the roofer returned again but this time the client told him we were involved. Again, not surprisingly, he was never seen again. We did all the necessary work for her along with some other essential works in order to get her home back to a good condition again. She now feels able to cope with life again and her mental well being has markedly improved.

Sad to say, we often come across cases where elderly clients have been fleeced by unscrupulous trades people such as this roofer. We would always advise people to get three quotes for any work they need to do. In addition no money should change hands until the work is completed to your satisfaction. An honest builder or trades person will never come back several days later asking for more money because they ‘miscalculated’. This should set alarm bells ringing in every case.

We are glad to be able to help people get back on their feet again after such a situation. It is always heartening to see someone feeling more positive again, as this lady did. Situations like these can jeopardise a person’s mental health. Improving the situation can act like a huge placebo and lift all the depression and stress a person can feel when things like this happen.

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