I know it was only little jobs you did for me but its hard to find anyone to do them but the work was good and your people are very friendly and helpful and thanks a lot.
A. Putney

My plumbing was causing me a headache and your worker knew the things that was wrong he asked if I would say something and of course I found you all to be helpful and the work was done well I have some friends and will of course recommend you.
J. Richmond

We had our bathroom done by you and there was damp in both bedrooms as we also had an outside problem your cost had been similar to some builders but the work we liked because it was inspected and overseen and that helped us a lot and we had been very happy to provide a reference to another person who contacted us who needed your help.
P.& B. Brixton.

I was worried about how I would get the flat back in a nice condition you did the roof and work inside for me and got rid of all the old damp and the pigeons in the oft I feel so much better and at my age did not want to worry also thanks for your Befriending Service always look forward to seeing you.
Mr Y.Balham

I am 87 years old and the ceiling had collapsed and the flat roof outside was a problem and nobody seemed to fix it properly your people had all been friendly and nice thank you its all done now and looks very good.
Mrs B. Streatham

The house is dry since the work was done and the front bay and you guys are very helpful and professional have been using you for some years now and thanks for all the help always there when needed.
Ms C. Camden

Just to let you know that the work you did to our glass conservatory in Brixton has done the trick. All the heavy weather we had was good test and we have no leaks now not a drop. We are extremely grateful to you.
W, Brixton

You had been so very good with us the work you did to stop the damp coming into our home was very good. We do not know why other companies some with posh letterheads did not give us the advice you did and do the work so well. Thank you job well done. We will be back for our front room to be refurbished.
A, Norbury

We had been given ridiculous prices to do the work to remove the steel from our neighbours loft after dodgy builders did bad work. Not only did you give us a good estimate you came up with some really good technical solutions and removed the steelwork and we are very pleased with all your help.
M, Finchley

Our roof had been leaking for so long and we had paid out a lot of money but it never got done properly so we thank you Thrift Housing for all your help the roof is now nice and dry your boys did a great job.
M, Fulham

Your service is so helpful and honest what with all the cowboys around I was so grateful to find you and the work you did was great thanks just to let you know we have more work to our estate and will be contacting you in September.
M, Streatham

What a great bit of work you stopped my fuses from keep blowing thanks the costs was very reasonable for the new unit and labour being 82 years old I was frightened of getting in anyone so I am truly grateful for Thrift Housing.
L, Ladbroke Grove

What our clients say

Putting in the new handrail and bath rails and other things for my disability really helped me it was so nice your workman had been very polite and very helpful I have told all my friends about Thrift Urban Housing thanks.
G, Tulse Hill

My basin pipes outside the top of the house and sink leaked for so long and all the people who came to fix it what a joke but you really helped me now everything is fine I know it was small thing that became a little bigger but now I am so pleased.
R, Richmond

As a business we found Thrift very helpful and we will use you again. We liked the way you dealt with our storage problems and found your suggestions which we used improved the area. The prices had been very good and the work most satisfactory.
J, Chelsea

My dad needed some things to help him around the house handrails and grab rails etc. He liked you working at the house clean tidy and polite I did not mind paying a little more Thrift gave a very good service and thanks.
S, Wandsworth

Just doing our little job we had problems getting someone then we came to you and within a week you did the job for us took away a lot of our worry as pensioners the worry was how much but we thought 150.00 for the job was a good price.
Mrs and Mrs C, Marylebone

I wish I had found thrift before I paid over 1000 for builder who just ripped me off and left me with a kitchen in a right state but you restored my faith and did a great job putting things right for me and thanks a lot for everything you did can feed my daughter now in decent surroundings.
M, Clapham

My friend told me about you the roof had leaked for ages being an older person I was worried about all the stories I heard but you made sure I was put at peace of mind you did the roof in January not bad price 350.00 had some rotten weather but it is all fine thanks.
T, Clapham

Our roof was done really badly and leaked within a week what a nightmare but when I found you guys and met the roofer and surveyor I felt so much better and since you did the work the roof has been fine you will be our first call next time.
C, Camden

We are very appreciative of the time you have spent on this as Thrift were the most professional outfit and the most competitive quote we got for the pointing work from the Handyman Service and you had helped in giving all sorts of advice as well.
J. Richmond

This elderly lady has endured all these years with the prospect of having to leave her home so your Stay Put service is a god send we all feel that the work will be done well and to a high standard and it’s a great relief you are around.
P. Brixton

Just wanted to say that your staying put service was a great help for my mum who is 86 and had problems with her ceiling and roof and you did a good job but she feels better knowing your around.
W. Sutton

Never came across your staying put scheme for old people but it did help me and thanks for the new handrails and other things will let you know about some other things I have got.
J. Streatham

I always wanted a nice shower in my bathroom but was worried about calling in just anyone then found your building handyman service you people helped me so much and thank you the shower is lovely.
L. Camberwell.

We did appreciate the surveyor organising the work and looking after things and the professional and industrious way the men worked. We are both over 75 years so it was such a relief to have you around we will use you again.
L. Maida Vale

This is my first meeting with your charity and am really impressed by the straightforward clarity of your planning and the hardworking and skilled input of your workers. The neighbours are very impressed to. I am 82 years old with tin knees and arthritis and it’s a huge comfort to know that people like you are around.
A. Camberwell

I was pleased the way you just arrived and got on with the work no fuss just got on with it the rooms look good now and thank you for all your help after having so much trouble getting things done my flat now looks nice. A. Brixton

This house is big and always needs things doing and at 82 I find things hard but when I knew about the Stay Put thing I felt so much better my damaged ceilings and my old roof really worried me but now they are all done it makes me feel so much happier and the men had been so helpful. L. Tooting

Your guy was so friendly I had a problem getting my cooker done you came along and fitted the new one for me so me and the kids can now have a cooked meal not microwave stuff you do a great service and thanks to you all. N. Chertsey

Being vulnerable I wanted to make sure that Thrift Housing could help me and fitting my washing machine and cooker which I desperately need in this refuge being the victim of domestic violence meant everything to me and I am getting some life back but the little things like this all help. K. Redhill

I had to get rid of my builders their charges kept going up and up. I knew about Thrift Housing and should have used you but now you are here I feel much better your doing a great job doing things like the electrics bathrooms kitchen and plumbing and the surveyor as my consultant is wonderful. E. Rotherhithe